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Yesterday’s Champions Today

Reel Number: 221129-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1968 1935

Country: Mexico,Russia,USSR

Location: Leningrad,Mexico City,Moscow

TC Begins: 05:45:54

TC Ends: 06:02:13

Duration: 00:16:19

Yesterday’s Champions Today Central Documentary Studios Busy street w/ many pedestrians to camera. Sports competition scenes - sprint w/ hurdles, ice-hockey. Pictures of athletes - Zoya Mironova, boxer Gennady Shatkov, Nicolay Ozerov, tennis. Quiet rainy street, empty stadium w/ empty seats & field. 05:47:22 Zoya’s life story. Sunny day in woods, couple gathers mushrooms, walk through fields. 05:48:08 Flashback - Newsreel 9/544 from 1935, sports parade in Moscow, youth march in Red Square w/ floats. Shots of Zoya competing in ice-skating 3000m race. Pictures & newspaper articles w/ Zoya’s victories as National Champion. 05:49:16 Country house, interview in the garden, Zoya cleans mushrooms, speaks of memories, feelings. Talks of war putting end to career; then coaching. 05:50:22 Zoya, surgeon of 28 yrs. performing surgery in operating room. Professor of Medicine & head of Department of Ballet & Sports Trauma & Orthopedics. Wash hands, perform surgery. 05:51:13 Zoya interview, speaks of job as surgeon to return patients to normal lives. In hospital w/ patients: ballet, soccer player & other athletes. Physiotheraphy room, people exercise. Surgeon consults patients in swimming pool, talks w/ young athletes in hospital hallway. Walks thru hospital corridor w/ another doctor. 05:52:57 Gennady Shatkov. 1957 Ball for Olympic Champions in Kremlin. People follow Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) up stairs, all dance in ballroom incl. boxer Gennady. Good 1957 street scenes w/ buses, cars, lots of people, Gennady walks through streets, near river in Leningrad. 05:55:23 Interview In office at Leningrad University where he’s Assistant Professor of Law; pictures & medals of boxing days on shelf, tells of decision to quit ring. Shots of young Gennady boxing, as winner on podium. In classroom lectures for students on economics. Flashback - training w/ speed bag. Sits at table in office beneath book shelves. 05:56:58 Nicolay Ozerov. Tennis gold medalist talks of difficulties leaving sport. Shots of young Nicolay competing on tennis court, jumps net. Scene of theater ‘Blue Bird” w/ Nicolay dressed in funny costume, kids watch & laugh. Various pictures of his roles in Moscow's Art Theater. In his present job - TV & radio sports commentator, announcing soccer game. Moscow’s airport as Olympic Team leaving, Nicolay gives interview before leaving as announcer for 19th Olympic games in Mexico City. Opening ceremony for Olympics, USSR delegation marching around stadium. Lots of balloons let loose. Father Christmas; Athletics; Retirement; 1968; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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