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1915 - Comedy: Burlesque On Carmen, A

Reel Number: 221511-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1915

Country: USA


TC Begins: 12:27:45

TC Ends: 13:11:40

Duration: 00:43:55

A Burlesque On Carmen Charlie Chaplin - Essanay slapstick comedy w/ long re-issue introduction titles. 12:29:56 Lillas Pastia (Jack Henderson) lands ashore in rowboat & welcomed by gypsies; climb cliff w/ bags etc. & arrive at camp on top. Remendado (Ben Turpin) declares love to big fat woman Frasquita (May White) incl. pantomime costumed donkey. Slapstick fight turns into dance. Remendado shakes fists. 12:33:48 Chaplin as soldier Don Jose aka Darn Hosiery does slapstick military drill. Gypsy man fails to corrupt Don Jose. 12:36:54 CU Carmen (Edna Purviance) smoking cigarette; with gypsies. Flirts with Chaplin, as does Rasqiota. 12:39:44 Fat Rasqiota drinks wine from bottle w/ soldier. Drunk soldier breaks bottle on Chaplin’s head. Remendado arrested by soldiers & escapes. Declares love to fat Frasquita in tavern drinking. Soldier leaves. Frasquita cries. Matador Escamillo (John Rand) kicks out Remendado. Carmen waltzes in & flirts. 01:44:41 Drinks & food served. Matador eats w/ Chaplin; they talk to Carmen & both men play silly hand clapping game. She seduces Chaplin, men argue. She, then Chaplin, dances on table. 12:50:39 Blowing bugle; Chaplin carries off Carmen. Officer tells off Chaplin. Heads appear thru hatch of door. Carmen & Chaplin flirt & kiss whilst Officer nags. Soldier kisses fat Frasquita in front of Remendado. 12:56:05 Fat woman & fat soldier meet in square, embrace. Remendado picks fight w/ fat soldier. 12:56:55 Frasquita & Carmen catfight over fat soldier as women cheer them on. Chaplin congratulates winner, Carmen. Women fan fainted Frasquita; Remendado comes & tries to carry, then drags her. 12:59:27 Chaplin & other soldier swordfight then fist-fight as Carmen cheers & occasionally intervenes. Chaplin stabs soldier, cardboard sword bends but soldier still dies. 13:05:37 Carmen escapes thru window. Chaplin follows her & threatens to stab her by tree; Matador rescues her & they walk off; in wagon in village. 13:08:15 Chaplin in civilian clothes sees them, walks into saloon & meets a drunk. Carmen comes to saloon & laughs at Chaplin. He stabs her, kisses her & stabs himself. Matador enters, sees them & Chaplin kicks him through door; Chaplin & Carmen get up & Chaplin shows her his bendy cardboard knife. They laugh as iris closes. Motion Pictures; Slapstick Comedy; Note: Some great mustaches / mustaches. NOTE: Any ten consecutive minutes sold at per reel rate.

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