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1916 - Comedy: Behind the Screen

Reel Number: 221511-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1916

Country: USA


TC Begins: 12:00:12

TC Ends: 12:26:40

Duration: 00:26:28

Behind the Screen Chaplin - Mutual slapstick comedy w/ Edna Purviance; Eric Campbell. Chaplin working as stage hand on film set - bumps into camera, causes large pillar in decor to collapse on actors & other mischief. Sits on pith helmet as tries to catch nap. His boss catches him. Gathers huge number of chairs on his back & removes piano whilst being played. Brushes props then falls asleep on chair. 12:07:05 Good lunchtime sequence w/ crew sitting together; man w/ handlebar mustache eats onions & hiccups; Chaplin puts on knight’s helmet to avoid smell. Big fat man eats pies. Chaplin sneaks bites of lamb or (?) leg while other eats it. Plays drums w/ drumsticks. 12:11:27 Chaplin tries to saw plank of wood. 12:12:03 Stage hands go on strike. Chaplin and big man refuse to join. Chaplin poses w/ hammer. Boss thanks them. Shooting movie scene in bar with gun. Chaplin messes w/ lever to open floor trap. - actor’s head stuck in trap door. Have trouble lifting him out. Then out & fighting w/ Chaplin. Everyone falls in trap, multiple times. 12:17:33 Chaplin flirts w/ girl dressed as man playing guitar on set of artists studio. Kiss. Fat man shows his bottom, actress faints; he does silly dance. 12:19:53 Slapstick scene w/ policeman & cream pies being thrown by policeman & ?. Director replaces actors w/ Chaplin & big man . 12:21:32 Strikers w/ containers labeled dynamite & black powder. Chaplin w/ actor on another set; returns & director gets him to throws pies at Eric Campbell. Scene explained by director. Cream pie thrown & land on royals on nearby set & pie fight gets out of hand. Chase thru the studio. The End. Entertainment; Motion Pictures; 1916; NOTE: any continuous ten minutes sold at per reel price.

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