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1967 - Newsreel: Inventors Exhibition; Electric Cars; Paris Summer Fashions; Movie Premier

Reel Number: 220603-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1967,1960s

Country: Belgium,France,USA

Location: Brussels,New York City,Paris,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 11:14:01

TC Ends: 11:18:31

Duration: 00:04:30

1967 - Newsreel: Inventors Exhibition; Electric Cars; Paris Summer Fashions; Movie Premier Intertitle: Brussels. 11:14:03 MS Man w/ pistol enters room; MS desk w/ drawers closing automatically to block robbery. 11:14:13 New cordless telephone; MS large base console; handheld handset. 11:14:22 Model ship demonstrating anti-seasick seats; handheld sized sewing machine operated by squeezing. Convertible table, model separates sections into side table for drinks. Gags / Inventions; International Inventors Exhibition 11:14:49 Intertitle: Washington, D.C. 11:14:51 MCU Electric cars shown in US Senate garage. Hood opened to show rows of batteries. Staff & others watch cars & motorcycle driving past. Automobile Air Pollution; Ecology; Improvements; Climate Change; Air Quality Improvements; Prototypes; 11:15:23 Intertitle: New York City. Pan row of heavyweight models; scales. MS dancing feet, legs doing tap dancing; soft-shoe routines; tilt up dancing bodies. Overweight; Weighing; Fat; Auditions; Try-outs; Chorus Line; Chorus Girls; Oddities; 11:16:00 Intertitle: Paris. Three fashion models out of doorway wearing large hats & now outfits: Jacques Heim two-piece gabardine suit; Lanvin’s Arab-type trouser dress called Lulu; Dior dress & coat of sacking material trimmed w/ leather modeled in front of 1901 automobile / car. 11:1:35 Maggie Roots (?) frilly white organdy dress “Batem” (?) w/ sleeves. 11:16:43 Pierre Cardin’s long evening beach dress. 11:16:58 Intertitle: Benefit Premiere - “A Countess From Hong Kong” Has Gala Opening. Exterior, night: neon sign for Sutton theater & lighted marquee: Chaplin’s “A Countess From Hong Kong”, w/ Chinese lanterns hanging. MS crowds behind police barriers. CU Chinese beauties in native costumes w/ Bobby Darin. MLS Mr. & Mrs. Jules Stein arriving, CU. Sign: Gala Benefit Premier...For Research To Prevent Blindness.” 11:17:23 Sydney Chaplin w/ Steins; Henry Fonda; Marlon Brando (?); Spyros Skouras & wife; Senator Jacob Javits & wife; Lew Wasserman & wfie; Van Johnson; Pamela Tiffin; Lynda Bird Johnson; Milton Rackmil & wife; Jack Valenti. CU marquee. Actresses; Actors; Motion Picture Studio VIPs; Charity; 1967; Charlie Chaplin; NOTE: If requested will provide 11:12:33 - 11:20:48 (3 cards) at per reel rate. NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk

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