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Eisenhower Speaks on North African Campaign

Reel Number: 220895-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Germany

Location: Huertgen Forest,Mausbach

TC Begins: 15:15:39

TC Ends: 15:20:34

Duration: 00:04:55

Eisenhower Speaks on North African Campaign Ike at desk announces complete destruction of Rommel’s Afrika Korps. “Adolf Hitler once had a great army called the Afrika Korps ...Every member of that army... is either dead or has been captured. His vast array of equipment is either in our hands or has been shattered... When the final showdown came, Rommel remained true to the fox’s characteristics: he ran away... This great victory is a monument to the perfection of cooperation amongst the fighting services of several nations... this should give us great confidence in facing the great task that lies ahead of us... “ Repeats speech in CU. WWII

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