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King George VI Inspecting B-17 Crews & British RAF in Libya (19Jun43?)

Reel Number: 221337-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Libya

Location: North Africa,Tripoli

TC Begins: 09:20:36

TC Ends: 09:26:20

Duration: 00:05:44

(King George VI Inspecting B-17 Crews & British RAF in Libya (19Jun43?) Military photographers & VIPs under heavily damaged nose of RAF(?) B-17 “Bad Penny”. 6 B-17s overhead. View of machine gun being waved out of turret of US plane. King backs out of plane, walks off w/ US & RAF officers, into car. Six planes flying over. Standing about beneath aother B-17 & talking w/ crew. CU of crew members. 09:22:38 Nose art of skeleton on bomb & name Holey Jet. Plane tail 124352 number visible as officers walk past. CU of crewmen in leather helmets smiling. Other inspection shots of VIPs w/ crew & ground crew posing and inspected. Teggie Ann nose. King leaves in jeep. POV past plane. 09:24:08 King inspecting & talking to RAF airmen in hanger while they are at attention. CUs of some, one lights cigarettes. POV on road past various airmen and barracks. More inspection and handshaking. Mechanics working on damaged planes. WWII Royalty; North Africa;

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