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WWII - 1942, Italians Fighting British in North Africa; Battle Aftermath w/ Captured British, ca Jun42

Reel Number: H1560-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942

Country: Italy,Libya

Location: Marsa Al Umm,Marsa El Auda,North Africa,Tobruk

TC Begins: 13:30:55

TC Ends: 13:40:40

Duration: 00:09:45

WWII - 1942, Italians Fighting British in North Africa; Battle Aftermath w/ Captured British, ca Jun42 13:31:16 Map of Libya coastline locating Tobruk & Marsa Al Umm & Marsa El Auda w/ animation showing location of British landing attempts. 13:31:49 Italian w/ binoculars silhouetted by machine gun on coast. Others in pits w/ artillery; Italians in trucks across dusty desert, run w/ antiaircraft gun & set up. Italian officer on telephone in field bus; planes take off across desert. Bersaglieri firing machine guns. Heavy black smoke from bomb explosion & ??. Destroyed building along coast & ships off shore w/ troops running ashore. Coastal guns fire on British air & naval units covering an attempted landing near Tobruk. Tanks firing. 13:34:37 Destroyed dock & floating debris. Bodies, wounded, British Prisoners of War marched & sitting on desert. Removed on torpedo boat. Wounded helped ashore. MCUs. GOOD of tired prisoners, leave in truck thru ruins of a Libyan village. 13:36:10 Tall Italian church tower on partially destroyed building, pan to coast. Italian troops march past partially destroyed large stone building, flag flying on top. 13:36:53 LS Desert fort, pan wrecked British equipment on coast. Destroyed bomber on ground. British troops along road. High angle of oasis w/ equipment at base of palms & pan across to wrecked equipment beside coast & beached ships. British POW's. Italian Admiral Lombardi, Generals. Barbaretti and Cavallero, and German General Rommel inspect the scene at Tobruk. Wrecked ships at anchor. 13:39:32 Italian supply ships unloaded at a dock, fuel drums rolled & loaded into truck. Trucks unloaded and moving in convoy thru town & along highway past tank barricades. The End. WW2; Fighting; Battles; Italian Newsreel; Operation Battleaxe ; Operation Brevity ; Bersaglieri; NOTE: good quality & coverage.

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