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WWII - 1942, Military Newsreel: Borneo; Allied War Council; FDR Speaking French; North Africa

Reel Number: 250163-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942,1940s

Country: Algeria,France,Gibraltar,Papua new Guinea,USA

Location: Borneo,Gibraltar,North Africa

TC Begins: 15:03:42

TC Ends: 15:13:03

Duration: 00:09:21

WWII - 1942, Military Newsreel: Borneo; Allied War Council; FDR Speaking French; North Africa Titles. 15:04:14 Intertitle: United Nations On The March - New Guinea. Aerials over Owen Stanley Mountains, air to air of C-47 transport planes; natives on ground watching low-level dropping of supplies. Australian soldiers gather packages / crates / bags on hillside; cooking over small open fire, clean rifles. Troops march out from village, along jungle trail. Firing mortars & automatic rifles, machine guns, tommy guns. March into outpost. 15:06:16 CUs smiling natives; ls natives carrying wounded on stretcher over rough stream & trails. 15:06:47 Wounded treated, smoking. MCU of tired soldiers. CUs walking thru deep mud & rain. 15:07:54 Intertitle: North Africa. Military officers of Joint Allied War Council sit down at table in Washington DC. General Marshall, Gen. Arnold, Admiral Leahy, Adm King; British. 15:08:27 European & North African countries named on map w/ pointer. 15:08:40 View of formation of bombers, bombs dropping, exploding in desert; low-level strafing / bombing seen out rear of plane. Ground & soldier running forward toward clouds rising from explosion thru dust or smoke screen. Tanks. 15:09:12 Axis prisoners of war / POWs past burning oil. 15:09:24 General Eisenhower w/ pointer pointing to eastern Canada coast & Africa. CU. CU Doollittle. 15:09:40 President Roosevelt at desk, SOF speaking French in broadcast to France / French North Africa. Radio engineers at console w/ VO of FDR & subtitled English translation. 15:10:27 Freighter SS Exmouth, American Red Cross w/ USA flags on side of American-Export Lines ship. KIds waving US flags from dock. Passing out free food, kids drinking from cans of evaporated milk, eating from bowls. 15:10:53 Pointer to Gibraltor, pan harbor from Rock of Gibraltar & ships at anchor & moving. Fleet / convoy firing guns; landing & Marines drilling off landing craft & running ashore; tanks off & follow. 15:11:59 Pointer to Algiers. Aerial from biplane Troops of French Colonial units marching on desert road; horsemen of African legions. 15:12:46 General De Gaulle walking w/ other military Generals Arnold, Doolittle Eisenhower & Marshall & Admirals King & Leahy on shipboard talking to sailors. 15:13:00 End logo. WW2; Military Aviation; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate. Good quality.

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