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Climb To Glory, The - Part Two Pt 1 of 2

Reel Number: H1895-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1945

Country: Italy

Location: Apennine Mountains,Castel d’Aiano

TC Begins: 01:58:36

TC Ends: 02:12:15

Duration: 00:13:39

Climb To Glory, The - Part Two Pt 1 of 2 re Fifth Army, 10th Mountain Division assault on Gothic line, Nov44 - Feb45 - incl. some captured German footage. Narrated by both American & German veterans. GVs valley & mountains. Still of troops on road, US & German generals & Italian civilians who have contributed their account to film give their names. 02:00:24 Globe spinning & title. 02:01:08 Stills. Castel d’Aiano in ruins. 03Mar45 American troops on road. Sign ‘Castel d’Aiano’. Soldier w/ gun in house window. Town shelled. Village woman washing laundry, tells her version of events to camera. Villagers come out of hideout & ruins. Dead GIs. Stills of treating wounded. GIs resting & digging individual shelter in ground. General Hayes describes situation. 02:03:56 LS hill held by Germans - last major defense of Gothic Line. Planes bombing mountain, POV from plane, napalm bombs dropped along cliffs. Firing big guns from valley from under camouflage. Germans return fire. Soldier on walkie talkie. 02:07:03 10th Division climbs up & Germans watch thru binoculars; fire on 10th moving up thru smoke. Village; fierce battle encircling town & catching last resisting German soldiers. 10th moving up rocks. 02:08:04 Veteran German Corporal narrates his capture - Germans surrender, POWs are searched & smoke cigarettes w/ Americans. 02:09:34 US veteran narrates last climb down & burning light, occasional sounds of guns; very tired & being wounded, gathered & put into truck. Hayes looking over valley talking. WWII - European Theater - Italy; WW2; 1944; 1945; Gothic Line Fighting;

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