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WWII - Italy, 10th Mountain Divison Advance, Mount Abetia Area, Italy 03Mar45

Reel Number: H1896-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Italy,USA

Location: Abetia,Mt

TC Begins: 04:28:37

TC Ends: 04:36:39

Duration: 00:08:02

WWII - Italy, 10th Mountain Divison Advance, Mount Abetia Area, Italy 03Mar45 German POWs marched w/ hands on head to rear past tanks alongside gravel road, GIs infantry advancing on foot. Prisoners of War carrying wounded on stretchers & mattress. German walking wounded supported by others, walking thru Italian mountain village. 04:30:31 MCU PoWs drinking from tin cups. 04:30:47 GIs in jeeps on hillside w/ valley behind, pull out & up narrow gravel road. 04:31:29 MCU US officer in jeep pointing to hillside as driver & another officer watch; mountains behind. Tank crossing / leaving narrow bridge. POWs marched down hillside road. Jeeps along road thru fields, lanes w/ wounded on back. 04:33:00 Roadside medic station in stone hut, wounded helped out of jeep; POWs behind fence. 04:33:18 Wounded German lying on ground by roadside next to body talking to GI medic who ties wound. 04:33:47 Tanks on narrow road past farm house. PoWs searched. Army ambulance (German?). Allied tank past; up hillside road. Tank parked, infantry in ditch by road 04:35:05 PoWs carrying wounded under guard up steep road at head of column of prisoners. Heavy smoke on mountaintop behind. 04:35:32 US medics taking information from wounded on stretchers; others treating. MCU. Wounded past on stretcher w/ snow on hillside behind. Others PoWs marched past, hands on heads. WW2; 1945; NOTE: VERY good quality & coverage.

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