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Climb To Glory, The - Part Two Pt 2 of 2

Reel Number: H1895-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1945

Country: Italy

Location: Apennine Mountains,Castel d’Aiano,Verona

TC Begins: 02:12:15

TC Ends: 02:25:13

Duration: 00:12:58

Climb To Glory, The - Part Two Pt 2 of 2 CU boot in grass, tilt up to soldier looking down at valley. Germans in trucks on road on way north; trying to destroy several bridges. Bridge at Bomporto & sign for San Benedetto bridge. 02:12:54 Veteran explains capture of bridges. Bomporto bridge captured intact. German POWs marched back. Chaplain Moran tells of capturing surrendering Germans. CUs POWs some very young / child soldiers. 02:15:52 Tank moving, Germans running alongside road; GIs fight from behind fence; tanks thru olive groves, fierce battle. Overturned tank from landmine. German tanks & infantry retreating on road. German veterans recount retreat. 02:17:58 10th arrives by Po River. Gen. Hays recounts crossing Po river. Camouflaged artillery fire, amphibious vehicle crossing & German antiaircraft guns fired on other side of river. Troops on other side of Po River, in farm yard, GIs slowly walking past farm building. 02:20:10 Road sign Verona. (much of following is recent footage of area) 10th Division on Verona’s Lake Garda. Town nearby. German mountain bunker exterior & interior. Sign ‘Fiume Adige’. Road signs ‘Trento’ & ‘Riva Garda’. Empty narrow streets of small Northern Italian town. Banks of Lake Garda. Awards ceremony on banks of lake w/ Mark Clark. Bell rings. 02:23:42 Large military cemetery in Italy, monument and graves. Soldiers praying. The End. WWII - European Theater - Italy; WW2; 1944; 1945; Gothic Line Fighting;

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