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WWII - Italy, 10th Mountain Divison, Castel D’Aiano, Italy 03-04Mar45

Reel Number: H1896-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Italy,USA

Location: Bologna,Castel d’Aiano

TC Begins: 04:10:42

TC Ends: 04:17:10

Duration: 00:06:28

WWII - Italy, 10th Mountain Divison, Castel D’Aiano, Italy 03-04Mar45 MCU dead bodies in mountain road gutter against retaining wall; GIs walking past on gravel road; jeep & tank past in dust. GIs up hill on road w/ German POW, look at bodies. 04:11:42 Slate: 05Mar45 10th Mt. Infantry at Castel D’Aiano. CU soldier putting on pack board w/ case labeled hand grenades; others w/ artillery ammunition & machine gun bullet belts, walk past German tank off road, down mountain field. 04:12:37 GIs digging ditches / graves at foot of retaining wall & alongside road. Large American tank guided along road toward village. LS many soldiers digging ditch along roadside, pan to fields & farmhouse w/ damaged roof. LS digging foxholes on hillside below damaged building on top. 04:14:16 Village in valley & on opposite hillside; mountain road w/ vehicles pulling artillery. Explosion smoke on opposite hilltop. Fighter planes / dive bombers over opposite ridge line & smoke / explosion. 04:15:01 GI running past, street of destroyed mountain village, pan ruins. Italian refugee family w/ oxen, cart, kids & belongings past on road. Jeeps past. Army ambulance past people, sheep & belongings. VERY GOOD. 04:16:05 Camp w/ medical tents. Gen. Hap Arnold shaking hands w/ other officers. Talking w/ ?? 04:16:37 Women nurses meeting Arnold , shaking hands. GOOD CU. WW2 1945, Europe; Italian Mountains; NOTE: Good picture quality.

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